Janna Torontali

Licensed Acupuncturist

Janna specializes in Oriental Medicine providing modalities including acupuncture, electric stimulation acupuncture, fire cupping, tuina, gua sha, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Janna graduated from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine at the top of her class in 2018 as a Master of Oriental Medicine. She also has her bachelor's in health science and has completed multiple internships. One that she still holds close to her heart was accomplished at the Light of the World Clinic, a non-profit clinic with the goal of providing primary healthcare to those who can't afford it. She worked alongside both MDs and fellow acupuncturists for two years there, and is so grateful for the knowledge and fulfillment gained.

Janna is a meticulous empath by nature and strives to help people become their healthiest and happiest selves. She places much importance on the comfort of her patients, as well as the problem solving process; making sure to select the most beneficial treatment protocol tailored to their specific needs, both with acupuncture and Chinese herbal prescriptions that will not only help to fix their current condition, but improve their overall wellbeing.

Contact the office to make an appointment with her, she'd love to help you! 912-268-6001

Mark T. Brinson DOM, L.A.C. Cnmt

| Doctor of Oriental Medicine




Dr. Brinson has more than 20 years experience in the field of manual medicine, human performance and TCM family practice.


He started as a functional trainer/strength and conditioning coach, then massage therapist specializing in pain and injury rehabilitation. From there he spent many years in Physical Therapy as Director of Rehabilitation for a large facility in Tampa, Florida, while preparing to attend college for Traditional Chinese Medicine. In January of 2000 he graduated from a 3000 hour and 4 year program as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine where they had 18 amazing double doctors from China as instructors.


His current private practice, which opened in May 2011 is located in Saint Simons Island, Georgia, and specializes in Natural Family Medicine, Pain and Injury Rehabilitation and Human Performance seeing 40-50 patients a week.


MFI Seminars, began in 1995 and launched internationally in 2008. You can find him teaching courses in cities from Charlotte to as far away as Singapore throughout the year.


Mark is passionate about his work and his life trying to help as many people as possible through patient care and reproducing amazing results through the hands of thousands of his students.


To learn more about Dr. Brinson, please visit his Bio Page.  

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