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90 Day Experiement
No Shoes
X Ray

In the past few years I have noticed a changing trend in foot injuries that come into the clinic.


For decades, the most common problems were heel spurs and true plantar fasciitis.  Recently, probably due to advances in shoe technology, those conditions have become more rare.


Now, neuromos or fractures between the metatarsals (top of the foot) and what seems to be a "hot spot" on the inside of the heel. I am, honestly, a little alarmed at the increased frequency that I am seeing these in the clinic.


Our feet seem to have devolved into soft, delicate structures but should be the most durable part of our bodies!


SO, what can we do about it?



Shoe Changes?


I do not know, but I WILL find out for you.


So, in my little study, I will sacrifice my own feet to help yours.  Here is the plan…


I have chosen to use Vibram 5 Finger shoes for my experiment.  (Not pretty I know!)  And, please note, we are not endorsing Vibram -  they can cause a little damage on some people.

  • I will exercise and stretch the feet.

  • I will start beach walks in the Vibram shoes.

  • I will start to run 1-2 miles in the shoes.

  • As problems crop up, I will fix them!


Throughout the '90 Day Experiment' I will have X-rays of my feet taken, and document the process, and report the results on our website! 


My GOAL is to find solutions for patients with foot problems, correction and prevention is key.  Hopefully, I will glean a few techniques I can share with all of you to keep your feet happy and healthy.    


Dr. Mark T. Brinson DOM    


P.S.  Don’t laugh at my shoes!

Week One
In Shoes
No Shoes
X Ray
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