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Join Us in San Diego

August 29th-31st, 2014



Clinical Myofascial Integration

The Shoulder, Upper Ribs & Thoracics  


2.5 days - 21 Hours of Instruction


$695 - Includes Extensive Manual/Atlas of Techniques



Lets Really Master the Shoulder -In this extensive seminar you will learn the hidden syndrome that is at play in nearly all shoulder pain and accounts for 80% of it!  The best part, is that it is nearly 100% correctable!


Instruction will Include:


  • Intro to Functional Anatomy of the Fascia/Muscle/Joint

  • Function/Dysfunction of Shoulder, T1-5, and Ribs 1-5

  • Advanced Palpation and Evaluation

  • Myofascial Preparation Techniques

  • Neuromuscular Preparation Techniques

  • Integrative Joint Techniques

  • Home Care Techniques to accelerate patient progress


This is a HANDS-ON, Interactive seminar.  

Prepare to work and be worked on!



For more information call 

(912) 268-6001






Mission Valley Resort, San Diego


Located on Hotel Circle, this resort is chosen for location convience.  There is a restaurant and convienence store onsite and a wonderful Gym sitting on the adjacent hilltop.  The Fashion Valley Mall and Rail System are a very short walk way. Additionally, the seminar room is located on the second (top) floor corner with nice windows looking out onto the hills.  Add to it an airport shuttle and you really dont need much else.

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